Two-factor authentication (2FA) with KeePass

November 25, 2023 MrAnyx 2 min to read

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your accounts by requiring not only a password but also a second form of verification. Since the version 2.51 of KeePass, a popular password manager, it is now possible to integrate 2FA for enhanced protection. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a new entry with 2FA in KeePass:

Adding a New Entry

  1. Open KeePass and click on the icon to add a new entry or use the shortcut Ctrl+i.

  1. In the new window, fill in your login information.

Configuring Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Navigate to the Advanced tab and in the String Fields section, click on More and then select OTP Generator Settings.
  2. In the Shared Secret field, enter the secret key provided by the application that offers 2FA. For example, let's use the secret SuperSecretToken in this guide.
  3. Keep the other settings at their default values and click Ok.
  4. You should see a preview of the two-factor authentication code .

  1. The code displayed in KeePass should match the one generated by the 2FA application.

Using Two-Factor Authentication

After confirming the creation of the new entry, you can copy the two-factor authentication code using the shortcut Ctrl+t.

By following these steps, you've successfully set up two-factor authentication for your KeePass entry, providing an additional layer of security for your accounts. Ensure that the code generated in KeePass matches the one displayed in your 2FA application for a seamless and secure login experience.

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