TLDR #1 - July 2021

July 5, 2021 MrAnyx 4 min to read

📚 TLDR (Too Long; Don't Read) is a monthly post to help you discover some great and innovative github projects, youtube channels or blog posts.

On the program: A youtube channel of popularization dealing with various subjects around cybersecurity and computer networks, an MVC framework written in Typescript or a tool allowing to transfer files from a computer to another via a terminal.

Adonis (Github)

You are currently familiar with backend frameworks like Laravel or Symfony and you want to learn NodeJs, you will find yourself in Adonis. In some ways, it is similar to Laravel except that it is written in Typescript and must be used using Typescript. But the MVC stucture and the components are similar. It has a built-in CLI called ace to easily create controllers and migrations. In my opinion, Adonis has the greatest documentation. It covers every aspects of the framework with good examples. If you already know NodeJs, go for it. If you want to discover NodeJs as a backend language, you will enjoy it.

NetworkChuck (Youtube)

You've always wanted to learn Linux, networking, hacking and all that kind of stuff ? I recommend you the NetworkingChuck youtube channel. He makes videos once a week to teach you things about CCNA, virtual machines or linux. As a profesional networking engineer, he will give you some pro tips about cybersecurity, hacking, CCNA, ... He uses very simple illustrations, this way you will easily understand complex notions such as cybersecurity, proxy chaining or cloud computing. I've discovered this channel few years now and I keep learning things.

Croc (Github)

Croc is a secure CLI to transfer data. Made by schollz, you will be able to transfer files between two computers using E2E (end-to-end) encryption. Currently, this software is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Croc is an alternative to shared folders between two computers or to file transfers via USB keys. You can add a proxy or change the encryption curve.

Koel (Github)

You are a Spotify or Deezer fan but you are concerned about your privacy, Koel is made for you. Koel is an open-source web based music stream plateform that can be hosted at home. It was created using modern web technologies like Laravel and Vuejs. The interface is very user-friendly, you won't feel out of place using Koel. It also include some great features like drag-and-drop and a good search feature. Because it is a web based music streaming plateforme, you don't need to download any software on your computer or on your smartphone.

Mermaid (Github)

Mermaid is javascript library that converts text and code into real diagram. It is very similar to markdown definition so, if you already know markdown, you love mermaid. It will help you to create very popular diagrams like flowcharts, class diagrams or state diagrams but you will also be able to easily create other types of diagram like gantt diagrams, pie charts or git graphs. As i said earlier, the syntax is very simple and very similar to the markdown one. It is currently compatible with some popular websites such as Gitlab (natively) or BitBucket (using a plugin). Mermaid will help you create good documentation and keep it easily up to date.

Cover by Bram Naus

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