TLDR #9 - March 2022

March 26, 2022 MrAnyx 4 min to read

📚 TLDR (Too Long; Don't Read) is a monthly post to help you discover some great and innovative github projects, youtube channels or blog posts.

Today's episode is about : a browser extension to simplify the Twitter user interface, a very minimal css library, a tool to easily create regex and an API CMS.

Minimal twitter

Twitter is an incredible tool with a huge community on many topics. It is possible to discover areas, stay informed on topics you are passionate about, ...

However, one of the negative points of this social network could be its user interface. Indeed, despite the renewal of the design, it remains complex to use. A lot of information are displayed but are not really useful. Therefore, the design of twitter should allow users to display the information that the user wants.

Minimal twitter is an extension available on different browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and which allows you to customize your twitter interface to display only the information that is really useful. You will be able to display or not the sponsored contents, remove links from the navbar,...

Code review checklist

Maintaining an open-source project is not necessarily something very simple. Indeed, many developers have their own habits, practices, ... Therefore, it is important in an open-source project to create and maintain a certain rigor.

Probably the most important step is the validation of the contributions via merge requests that the developers of a project can make. In the same way, there are many different standards and habits for merge requests.

Code Review Checklist is a Github project that reviews several points that should be done and respected before making a merge request. It includes for example: Have all tests been validated? Do the new modifications negatively affect performance? etc.


If you've ever felt that using Bootstrap or any other large css framework was something to be avoided, PicoCSS is for you. Bootstrap can be a good framework to prototype a website quickly without having to create with your own hands a grid system, container, ... Moreover, another disadvantage of Bootstrap is that, in a project, we will very quickly find ourselves with extremely long html classes, especially due to the use of Bootstrap classes.

PicoCSS is a very minimalist css library that will use the sementic elements of your code to style your pages. Of course, everything is customizable. Moreover, it natively integrates a dark theme system. Some components are already available such as tooltips or loading icon


Unless you are a real superhuman, as a developer, we have all had difficulties with regular expressions. These strings of characters straight from the underworld are however particularly useful to extract portions of text or specific elements.

Melody is a project created by Yoav Lavi that aims to help you write and manipulate regular expressions. By describing how your regular expression should work, Melody will then convert the regular expression description into a proper regular expression.


In most of your web projects, you will have to create an API. This API will allow you to display and update data on your pages using asynchronous calls. You can also create an API in order to make public data available easily. However, creating an API is a project that is not so simple because many standards on methods, http code must be respected.

To simplify the process of creating an API, you can use Strapi. Strapi is a NodeJS CMS that allows to simplify the process of creating an API. It includes a section dedicated to the documentation, allows to list the different collections available. It is also possible to install plugins to add new features

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