TLDR #3 - September 2021

September 5, 2021 MrAnyx 4 min to read

📚 TLDR (Too Long; Don't Read) is a monthly post to help you discover some great and innovative github projects, youtube channels or blog posts.

Today's episode is about : a CSS framework to create beautiful MacOS-like desktop app, a PHP library to create enhanced error page, a javascript neural network library with great features, a javascript tool to create smooth transition between web pages, a lightweight terminal animation tool and a great youtube channel to learn coding.

Photon (Github)

Photon, or PhotonKit, is an awesome CSS framework to create MacOS design desktop app. Using only CSS classes, you'll be able to add sidebars, buttons, tables, etc, with a MacOS design. This framework is absolutly perfect with electron. Multiple components are available like : tab system, navbar, lists, buttons, forms, tables, icons, ... I'm sure you will find something that fits your needs.

Whoops (Github)

Whoops, as its name might suggest, is a PHP library that will help you when something goes wrong. In other words, it's a error handler framework, for PHP projects that displays where the error is in your code, the stacktrace, the error message, and the environment variables like $_SESSION, $_COOKIE, $_GET, $_POST, ... It also support JSON, XML and SOAP requests. With only 3 lines of code, you can include this library to almost any PHP project. It was created in 2013 but it is still maintained at the time i write this post.

Brain.js (Github)

Written in Javascript, Brain.js will help you easily create artificial neural network. You can implement recurrent neural network, long short-term memory or gated recurrent unit system. You can specify the input, how many hidden layers, the training threshold, ... Almost every parameters can be set to fit your needs. It was initialy created by harthur, and then, it has been forked to create the Brain.js library. To sum up, it's easy to use, the documentation is good, there are multiple example provided and, last thing, you can also use it within browser using a CDN.

Barba (Github)

Barba is a very lightweight transition library that will help you make your website smoother. It can be used with either NPM or a CDN. This is very similar to other transition library like Swup, or Turbolinks but the processis a little bit different. Indeed, Barba will preload the page hovered over by a link. In other words, when you hover over a link, it will automatically preload the page. You can specify an enter transition and a leave transition. I hope you will like it.

Termynal (Github)

You've always wanted to create terminal animations, Termynal is made for you. It's a very simple javascript library to create animated terminal window with typing simulation. Only 1 line of javascript is required to make it functional.

let termynal = new Termynal('#termynal')

You can customize multiple parameters to perfectly fit your needs. It can be compined with an iframe to integrate it in another page.

Coding Garden (Youtube)

You want to learn how to code using javascript, react, vuejs and other javascript things, Coding Garden is perfect for you. Hosted by CJ, you will discover multiple series : Chill code, Coding improv or Pokemon coding stuff. He creates various projects based on his twitch chat suggestions or describes basic programming subjects such as linked lists or the composition API in Vue 3. He is very endearing with a very unique style. I really hope you will like him.

Cover by Scott Graham

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