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TLDR #9 - March 2022

📚 TLDR (Too Long; Don't Read) is a monthly post to help you discover some great and innovative github projects, youtube channels or blog posts. Today's episode is about : a browser extension to simplify the Twitter user interface, a very minimal css library, a tool to easily create regex and an API CMS. Twitter is an incredible tool with a huge community on many topics. It is possible to discover areas, stay informed on topics you are passionate about, ... However, one of the negative points of this social network could be its user interface. Indeed, despite the renewal of the design, it remains complex to use. A lot of information are displayed but are not really useful. Therefore, the design of twitter should allow users to display the information that the user wants. Minimal twitter is an extension available on different browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and which allows you to customize your twitter interface to display only the information that is really useful. You will b

review css git + 7